Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important you understand what services and products we’re able to supply you with. That is why we’ve made sure to give you the answers you need so you’ll be positive you’ve made the right decision choosing to work with us. Below are answers to our clients’ frequently asked questions. Read our FAQs to see if we’ve already answered your questions, and if not, give us a call.

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About Our Wood - What Is It? Where Does It Come From?

Our wood is mixed hard woods; ash, beech, oak and birch are the most usual.  It is sustainably sourced from the local area, either from the forestry commission via natural thinning required to keep trees healthy, or from large estates managing their woodlands. It is processed on our farm to a size of approximately 9 inches and stored in our barns. The wood fits well into most wood burners and the majority of our customers use it for that purpose.

Spring Forest

What Is The Minimum Order?

Due to new Government regulations 2 Cubic Metres is the smallest load we can deliver to comply with this legislation.  Log stores can be bought or made to suit each purpose. Even just using half a pallet to get them raised off the ground and stacked against a garage or shed with a cover over during the worst weather is sufficient. There are many ideas and suggestions online if you wish to research it. 

Forest Grass

When Can/Should I Order My Wood?

We deliver firewood all year round and provide details about storing and burning upon delivery.

However, if you live in postcodes PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4 & PO5 delivery is only available from 1st April to 31st July each year.  It is better to get wood in during the warmer months, leaving it until the weather turns cold will delay your delivery and may mean you do not have burnable wood when it is needed.